Covid-19 pandemic cut life expectancy by most since World War II

What is the News?

According to a study by Oxford University, the Covid-19 pandemic reduced the life expectancy of men and women in 27 countries in 2020.

What are the key findings of the Study?
Source: Business Standard

Firstly, the COVID-19 pandemic has reduced life expectancy in 2020 by the largest amount since World War II.

Secondly, Life expectancy fell by more than six months compared with 2019 in 22 of 29 countries studied. These countries span across Europe, the United States and Chile.

Thirdly, there were greater drops in life expectancy for men than women in most countries, with the largest decline in American men, whose life expectancy dropped by 2.2 years relative to 2019.

Fourthly, in the United States, the rise in mortality was mainly among those of working age and those under 60, while in Europe, dea­ths among people aged over 60 contributed more significantly to the increase in mortality.

Lastly, the study concluded that the impact of Covid-19 on life spans may be greater in less developed countries that wer­en’t included in the research. Hence, it urged these countries to make mortality data available for further studies

Source: This post is based on the articleCovid-19 pandemic cut life expectancy by most since World War IIpublished in Business Standard on 28th Sep 2021.

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