Cricket as a hobby

1. So, you follow cricket, tell me what are the technologies used in cricket?
2. How does bails flash? What is the technology used in it? How is it connected?
3. 4-day test is being debated for quite some time. Why do you think that 4 day tests is being proposed? What is your opinion
4. What is a Chinaman bowler? Give Examples.
5. Evolution of technology in cricket makes the role of umpires redundant? Do you agree

Other Related Question

(i) What is your specialization in playing cricket? viz. batting bowling(pace/spin), fielding, all rounder.
At what level do you play club, college, state or ‘Mohalla’ cricket ?

(ii) Is cricket overshadowing other games and sports in India? Commercialization of cricket is a bane or a boon? Comment.

(iii) Indian cricket team has not been able to reach consistently the top ranking in Test/ODI despite BCCI being the richest sports body and it having access to best professionals. Why? What should be done to strengthen cricket at grass root/domestic level.

(iv) Is T-20 going to kill Tests/ODIs? Or do you think it will popularize cricket and enable its entry in the Asian Games/Olympics? What’s your take?

(v) “We have more stars and superstars in the Indian team and less of cricketers’. Comment

(vi) Know about cricketing terms, e.g. Reverse SwingChinamanSilly pointReverse-sweepSwitch-hit, etc.

(vii) Know about cricketing controversies; match fixing, ball tampering, use of drugs, sledging, etc.

(viii) Should singular cricketing association like BCCI be allowed to dominate the game in a Country.

(ix) Is too much of cricket being played these days?


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