CSE 2017, Rank -1, Anudeep Durishetty’s Book on Answer Writing : Fundamentals of Essay and Answer

Dear All,

ForumIAS Member leomessi10 aka Anudeep Durishetty AIR 1 has come up with a book on Mains Answer Writing. We recommend that those of our friends who are planning to appear for the Civil Services Examination can take a look at it.

How will the book benefit you?

  • Fundamentals of Essay and Answer Writing is specifically designed to improve your answer and essay writing skill in the shortest amount of time. 
  • If you’re a beginner, you will take considerable time to understand the nuances of the exam. The principles outlined in the book will help you overcome such obstacles quickly and easily. 
  • If you’re a seasoned aspirant, you are going to find new tools to further refine and dramatically improve the quality of your answers. 
  • With Fundamentals of Essay and Answer Writing, it will become easier for you to stand out, and score well in UPSC Mains, no matter where you are currently in your UPSC journey.

The book is broadly divided into two parts, One covering how to write a good essay and the second part discussing answer writing strategies. The book is a must buy for all aspirants who are trying to improve their answer writing skills.

Sample Chapters (link Below)


The book is available on the Instamojo at the below location


So those of you who are looking for a beginner’s guide on how to write answers – this is a good place to begin. And those of you who have reached a plateau on answer writing, can refer to this book to enhance your answers given that Anudeep, worked exclusively on answer writing skills after having secured ranks earlier, and it paid off – with AIR 1

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