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What are the mistakes that one is likely to make in one’s preparation for Civil Services?

And what makes some people crack the examination in the first attempt / early attempts itself?

Why are some people just plain lucky? What makes someone’s CSE journey, shorter, better and successful?

One, getting the right guidance / mentor in the first / early attempts.

Two, studying the right books, right notes , right coachings.

Three, having the right strategy from the start itself and executing the strategy, and

Four, making one’s own notes, knowing what is important for exam, and what is not.

Fifth, keeping the tasklist / study list / to do list minimalistic and successfully meeting one’s daily goals.

But over and above, motivation is one key requirement , that is essential for success in every walk of life.

For those of you planning to prepare for CSE 2019, we are organising three sessions that will orient you in the right direction for CSE 2019.

This session is mandatory for those of you who are planning to join Comprehensive Guidance Program ( CGP ) 2019

The schedule for this is as follows:

Day 1 : September 23  @2PM – 4PM | How to begin Preparation for CSE 2019 & Mistakes to avoid

In this session we will discuss

  • the right examination calendar for preparing, ( when to prepare for optionals, when to prepare for GS Mains, and when to prepare for Prelims )
  • the 6 or 7 mistakes that people make in their early attempts that costs them time and energy. By the time they learn from it , they have exhausted their energy, enthusiasm, attempts, or parental and peer support for further preparation.
  • the role of a good peer group in preparation and how to get one
  • how to know whether your preparation is going in the right direction or not.
  • how to make notes for the examination – and why you should make notes in the first place.
  • Role of coaching in preparation, and why selected candidates often say they have not taken any coaching and yet attend classes.
  • Why conventional coaching fails to secure results in the new pattern.

Day 2 : September 24 @5PM – 7 PM | How to write answers for Mains Examination

Answer writing is the backbone of selection in Civil Services. You ultimately get marks, not for studying, but for writing answers in the examination.

  • What  are the essential components of a god answer
  • An analysis of answers of Toppers of CSE 2017, CSE 2016 and CSE 2015 and before, identifying a common pattern and what you can learn from
  • What to avoid in answer writing
  • The role of diagrams, flowcharts and facts and figures in answer writing
  • What constitutes a good introduction, a good body and a good conclusion for your answer.
  • How to write answers when you may not have sufficient content on a certain topic.
  • You will also get a question bank of 500 questions which you should be able to  prepare and answer throughout your preparation 

Day 3 : September 25@5PM – 7PM | Preparing Current Affairs for CSE 2019 – Both Prelims and Mains examination & How to read the newspaper.

If you are devoting more than an hour or 1.5 hours on reading the newspaper, you are doing it wrong.

Most candidates often  only read the newspaper for the first few weeks/ months / years when they start preparation. There completely forgo the static part . Newspapers aren’t bad. Just that if you devote time beyond a limit, you end up exhausting yourself and are not left with energy / time to do anything else.

This is one of the key reasons why candidates end up failing in their first attempt, often.

Newspapers should NOT be NOT read. But they should be regulated in terms of the time spent.

In this session, we shall discuss

  • How to read the newspaper and how much time to devote to it
  • What to skip in the newspaper.
  • Should you make notes from the newspaper ? if yes, how is it any better than reading compilations at the end of the month.
  • How far does newspaper notes making help in the covering for Prelims Examination.

Note :

  • You must register for the session by visiting http://academy.forumias.com/registration . You must be logged in to register.
  • CGP enrolled / interested  Students must attend the three sessions
  • The session is open to all, and can be attended by all MGP Students
  • We are keen on candidates who have appeared for the examination, and have not been able to crack it. The session will be most useful for them, as once they understand their preparation bottlenecks, they should be able to have a superior strategy for CSE 2019.

For Online Students

  • These three sessions will be available in the dashboard of all the candidates who have applied for CGP 2019 and have paid the registration fees of Rs. 500/- for writing the CGP Entrance Test.
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