Curbing terror in Afghanistan, enhancing connectivity key to India-Central Asia security: NSA Doval

Source: The post is based on the article “Curbing terror in Afghanistan, enhancing connectivity key to India-Central Asia security: NSA Doval” published in The Hindu on 7th December 2022

What is the News?

For the first time, India hosted a meeting of top security officials of Central Asia with a focus on the evolving security situation in Afghanistan and ways to deal with threat of terrorism emanating from that country.

What are the key highlights from the meeting?

Situation in Afghanistan: The participating countries discussed the current situation in Afghanistan and its impact on the security and stability of the region. They reiterated their strong support for a peaceful, stable and secure Afghanistan and emphasized respect for its sovereignty, unity and urged non-interference in its internal affairs.

Connectivity Initiatives: The countries emphasized that the connectivity initiatives should be based on principles of transparency, and respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries.

– India highlighted the role that Chabahar Port played during the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

– The participants also supported India’s proposal to include the Chabahar port within the framework of the International North-South Transport Corridor. The corridor connects Iran to Russia via Central Asia.

Coordinated action against emerging threats: The participants also spoke about the need for collective and coordinated action against 1) the misuse of new and emerging technologies, 2) arms and drugs trafficking using terrorist proxies for cross-border terrorism and 3) abuse of cyber space to spread disinformation and unmanned aerial systems.

What is the significance of this meeting?

This was the first time India hosted a conclave of top security officials from Central Asian countries. It coincided with the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between India and Central Asian countries.

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