Current Affairs by ForumIAS for Pre+Mains 2022 | 27th November

Dear Friends,

This is to inform you that Current Affairs Program for CSE Pre+Mains 2022 by ForumIAS is commencing from 27th November in Online Mode. You can enroll in the program by visiting

In the past 3-4 years, among the highest scorers in General Studies have been Current Affairs students of ForumIAS Academy – Pratham Kaushik (501 marks in GS), Varun Reddy (Rank 7), Sanjeeta Mohapatra (Rank 10), Divya Mishra (Rank 20, Mains 2020 topper with 455 marks in GS).

This year, more than 57 students who made it in the top 100 are students of ForumIAS (43+ excluding Interview Guidance), You can check their names here and read about topper strategies on our blog.

If there is just one course you should take for your CSE preparation it is this.

Enroll Now to stay ahead of the curve.

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