Current Affairs Classes for Prelims 2018 by ForumIAS | 26th March 11AM

Dear Friends,

We shall be commencing with the Current Affairs Classes for Prelims from March 26th ( tomorrow). 

The class timings will be from 11AM , and each class will be of 2-2.5 hours duration.

( There are no seats left in the 8AM and 5PM Batch and admissions are closed for it, so those of your interested , must try to enroll early.)

The break up of the class will be as follows

  • International Relations – 2 Classes
  • Polity & Governance – 2 Classes
  • Government Schemes & Programs – 1 Class
  • Economy ( excluding the Economic Survey & Budget ) – 2 Classes
  • Environment & Ecology – 2 Classes
  • Social Issues – 1 Class
  • Security & Defense – 1 Class
  • Science & Tech -1 Class
  • Economic Survey & Budget –  2 Classes*


*Economic Survey & Budget Classes will be done from the perspective of both Prelims & Mains as well, and will provide a holistic coverage.

The number of classes are subject to change as felt by the faculty.

Study Material : Consolidated one year round up study material will be provided section-wise. The study material will be concise and will help in quick revision. 

Do I need to take these classes? There are two primary benefits of the these classes.

Firstly, the goal is to consolidate your preparation. This means that you must secure what you already know – completely or partially-  so that you do not miss out on any questions because of vagueness in recalling.

Apart from the add, content enhancement over and above what is given in standard text, will be done by an experienced faculty. This is important because often we see that we know something about the question, and are able to eliminate 1-2 options, but we may lack complete knowledge about it. With practice you will learn the how to eliminate better, but it is always better to know more.

Secondly, These classes will act as a bridge between your Prelims and Mains preparation and will greatly solve a lot of problems of doing Current Affairs after Mains, given that you will be exposed to a lot of new news items and information you may have missed from standard sources.

Thirdly, the goal will be to reduce the burden of Current Affairs and not to increase it by dumping information. The meaningfulness and relevance of the issues to the examination will be of central importance.

Will I benefit from these classes?  We allow students to take the first few 2 -3 classes and see if they can benefit from the classes themselves. In case you would like to take up these classes, but would like to attend the first 3 classes, you can do so by registering at the link below. A non-refundable and non-adjustable fees of Rs. 100 per class will be charged ( so that we know how many people are coming )

Enrollment Links 

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