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ForumIAS shall be commencing its Current Affairs Classes for Prelims from March 22nd. 

The Objective of the Program shall be to provide complete coverage of Current Affairs from May 2017 onwards – past one year – and a little more.

We have been working on designing a good program that not only ensures complete coverage, but also ensures that candidates absorb what is being taught. Our goal will be to ensure that as far as possible, every question from current affairs in Prelims is covered in the classes.

This is keeping in mind new facts that have emerged as below in the past month itself

a) the number of seats in CSE has been decreased

b) large number of candidates are keen on IFoS this year ( we have Rank 1,6,9,18 – in fact more than half of IFOS 2017 Selected Officers from our MGP) and,

c) NTPC and other PSUs have already announced that for employment to those PSUs candidates must appear for the CSE 2018 Examination.

All these facts are likely to increase the competition, and we would like to leave no stone unturned.

The Program shall commence from March 22nd, and classes will be of 2-2.5 hours duration. The classes will be held 4 to 5 days a week and will have 15 classes. The program will commence from March 22nd and end on or before April 23rd. The Break of 2-3 days in the week should be used for revision.

Some of the key factors we have in mind before commencement of the program is to ensure that we do not merely dump ALL facts, but apply an experienced human mind to ensure that exam relevant important facts are covered – which have a higher likelihood of coming in the exam.

Yet another key factor we have kept in mind is that most of SFG / RLG Students shall be writing the Mains this year – and barring a few isolated cases, a majority of them will be writing their first Mains. We would like to maintain the continuity in the Current Affairs preparation for both Prelims and Mains – but more importantly, a robust current Affairs base would be necessary for the Mains. This we shall build through the Current Affairs Program.

This is important because usually people who are first timers, or have not written Mains before are not able to discern between what is important and what is not. This has to be eased out for everyone.

( Note that we are not done with you after the Prelims. By now we have seen a lot of you develop capacity to study a decent number of hours. You are up for the game now. We will have something for your for Mains as well – something more intensive than the Prelims SFG and we will wind up with the Mains Syllabus before most people decide to get serious about the Mains exam. We have quietly worked with a lot of candidates last year before Pre, Mains and before the interview last year, and you will see a lot of people who never wrote the Mains before, get under 100 ranks this year. We are keeping our fingers crossed too. )

Even with the IFoS Results, we have Rank 1,6,9,18 – in fact more than half the IFoS Final Selection Students from MGP itself – we are not even counting Prelims Test Series or Interview Program. ( We will publish their interviews after their CSE Interviews are over )

You can also email your suggestions to for your inputs and suggestions.

PS We would like to thank a lot of ForumIAS Members including @ nandini who took part on our classes last year before Prelims ( and is appearing for Interviews this year 🙂 ) and had provided us vital inputs for the program.

PS. We will have surprise element for you when we release the final plan in the next 48 hours. Just keep watching this space.

PPS. It is not a free program, but it will be priced very reasonably – the lowest we can afford to do it.

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