Current Affairs Handouts for Mains 2017 – Downloads

Dear Friends,

It was a brilliant experience taking sessions on Current Affairs  with some of you at ForumIAS, New Delhi.

We will resume classes from 18th for the remaining Current Affairs Sessions that will be of more “current” in nature. I will make sure ,I will cover all the remaining topics.

The timings will be from 11AM to 1PM, Monday to Friday.

I would like to share the handwritten class notes with the ForumIAS readers who are appearing for Mains 2017.



You can email me at , if you would like me to include anything in these classes.

If you notice, I have already included topics from Niti Aayog 3 Year Action Agenda in the notes, including doubling farmers’s incomes by 2022.

Still, I will cover anything that has been recent in the coming sessions, that begins from September 18th for Mains 2017.

And to the readers of ForumIAS Blog, do let me know how you found these notes. The notes are handwritten by me, so all of it may not much sense to you.

Also, a lot of augmentation that is done in a class may be missing, but it should serve you well in forming a backbone for Current Affairs preparation.

Please make sure that certain data points and special keywords that have been highlighted in the class, and some in the notes, – you should actually use them in your answers . This is a sureshot way to boost your marks in GS Papers, and make your answer look different.

Do not hesitate to write to me if any of you need any help with respect to Current Affairs preparation.

I shall be available at the ForumIAS Offline Center everyday between 11AM – 1PM Monday to Friday to address your doubts and queries.

Hope to see all of you do well!





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