Cut red meat, sugar by 50%: Lancet’s diet plan for the world

Cut red meat, sugar by 50%: Lancet’s diet plan for the world


A recent Lancet report by EAT-Lancet Commission has provided a nutritious and sustainable diet plan

Important facts

Highlights from the report

  1. According to the report, over the past 50 years, dominant diets have become nutritionally suboptimal, which calls for a global transformation of the food system.
  2. The study has recommended a diet plan which could potentially avert between 10.9 million and 11.6 million premature deaths globally per year, reducing adult deaths by 19-23.6%.
  3. The Commission recommended that the average adult, whose daily requirement is about 2,500 calories, must strive to source around 800 calories from whole grain, 204 calories from fruits and vegetables, and not more than 30 calories from red meat.
  4. It also suggested that the ideal diet should have no “added sugar” or unhealthy saturated fats


  1. Introduction of policies to encourage people to choose healthy diets
  2. improving availability and access to healthy food through improved logistics and storage
  3. moving from high volumes of crops to producing varied nutrient-rich crops
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