Study finds irreversible changes to DNA can be caused by excessive Alcohol

What is the News?

A study by NIMHANS, Bengaluru has rejected the assumption that if one stops drinking, the damage to health from excessive consumption of alcohol can be reversed.

About the study:

  • The study has been published online in the American Journal of Medical Genetics.
  • It tracked patients at NIMHANS Centre for Addiction Medicine outpatient clinic from March 2015 to April 2016.
  • It analysed the DNA chemistry of the individuals who had been drinking on an average of 10 drinks/day.

Key Findings of the study:

  • Excessive alcohol consumption can cause irreversible changes to the DNA. It will continue even when alcohol is no longer consumed.
  • The effects of alcohol are more noticeable in those who had started drinking at an early age. This suggests that starting to drink early may physically alter many genes including those of the brain.

Source: The Hindu

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