Delhi CM launches website showing real-time data on sources of air pollution

Source: The post is based on the article “Delhi CM launches website showing real-time data on sources of air pollution” published in The Hindu on 31st January 2023.

What is the News?

Delhi Chief Minister has launched a website called

What is the purpose of this website launched by the Delhi CM?

The website has been launched to provide real-time data on the sources of air pollution in the city. This is expected to help the Delhi government frame effective policies to curb it.

Features: The website reflects data collected and processed by two laboratories — a ‘super site’ and a mobile laboratory. 

The laboratories were used for the real-time source apportionment study under which data on Delhi’s air were collected over many months and a model (software) was created which shows the sources of air pollution by using air from the surroundings as input.

What is the significance of this launch?

The real-time data could put to rest the frequent tussles between Delhi and the Central governments over what causes air pollution in the Capital, especially in winter when it spikes.

The Delhi government has been stating that stubble burning is the major cause of air pollution while the Centre has on several occasions cited local pollutants as the main reason.

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