Delhi CM to represent Delhi at “World Cities Cultural Forum”

What is the News?

The Delhi CM will represent Delhi and India at the World Cities Cultural Forum.

About World Cities Cultural Forum:
  • The World Cities Culture Forum got established in London in 2012. Eight cities are its member(London, New York City, Tokyo, Shanghai, Paris, Istanbul, Sydney and Johannesburg).
  • Organized by: It is an initiative of the Mayor of London. BOP Consulting, a specialist consulting firm, is organising and coordinating it.
  • Purpose: The forum provides a way for policymakers to share research and intelligence. Further, they can explore the vital role of culture in their future prosperity.
  • Participating Cities: The forum now has 43 participating member cities. Delhi has been invited this year, but it is not a part of member cities.
World Cities Cultural Forum Summit:
  • Each year, members of the World Cities Culture Forum meet at the World Cities Culture Summit.
  • The member cities host the summit on a rotating basis. Deputy Mayors for Culture and Heads of Culture from the member cities attend it.
  • The theme for 2021: The Future of Culture.
Publications by Forum:
  • World Cities Culture report: The forum publishes it in every three years. It contains data and details on innovative projects from cities across the world. The last report was published in 2018.
    • Delhi will now also be part of the World Cities Culture Report.
  • World Cities Culture Finance Report: It is the first comparative analysis of culture financing in world cities. It was first published in 2017. Further, the reports get updated annually.

Source: The Hindu

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