Delhi reports ‘good’ air quality:

Delhi reports ‘good’ air quality:


  • According to a report by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), for the first time in two years, Delhi has seen two days of ‘good’ air quality in July, 2017.


  • The classifications are made depending on a part of 6-grade, color-coded Air Quality Index (AQI) that the government uses to rate air quality.
  • Officials attribute July’s healthy  air to a “combination” of above-normal rain and the various steps taken in the aftermath of the Graded Action Plan, notified this January.
  • The officials further added that although there is no single factor behind this rare phenomenon but weather has played a role. The real test, however, will be during the winter months.
  • Normally, the peak monsoon months of July and August typically see an improvement in air quality because monsoon winds and rain settle noxious particles to the ground.

The average air quality in these months is mostly only ‘moderately’ good, or still not absolutely safe for asthmatics or those with underlying respiratory problems

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