Desi dil, global lifesaver

Source– The post is based on the article “Desi dil, global lifesaver” published in the The Times of India on 29th October 2022.

Syllabus: GS3- Science and Technology

Relevance– Technological advances in medical science in India

News- The article explains the project of developing artificial heart by IIT Kanpur.

What is the importance of the artificial heart being built by IIT Kanpur?

32% of global deaths are due to cardiovascular diseases.

Artificial heart is a logical solution. Earlier it was meant to be a bridge to heart transplant. But now there is no need for a transplant. Patients with artificial hearts are leading active life.

But it is not affordable. It cost around 1 crore rupee in India.

The artificial heart built by IIT Kanpur is the cheapest and the most advanced. It will be beneficial for the common man.

What is the model strategy by IIT Kanpur to develop this product?

A team of engineers from IIT Kanpur is executing the project.

The mentorship is provided by alumni having knowledge of building machines to support failing hearts.

Initial capital is being provided by the alumni. The future capital will come from government and private funding agencies.

Leading heart specialists from India with domain knowledge are acting as advisors to the project.

What are some facts related to the technological potential of our country?

We have made phenomenal progress in space and defence technology.

Vital healthcare equipment like MRIs, Ultrasounds and lasers are products of defence research.

Today platforms for defence and healthcare on software where we are undisputed leaders.

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