Detailed Answers: Electrical Engineering Optional – Test 1 : Mains Marathon


Friends, We have come up with Detailed Solutions for Electrical Engineering Optional – Test 1.

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Download the plan Here: Mains Marathon Electrical Engineering Plan

Important Points:

  • Technical optionals come with their own opportunities and challenges. Though It may take huge time to cover syllabus, yet it is one of the most rewarding optional in terms of Marks.
  • Idea of Mains Marathon Electrical Engineering is to try to complete topics and practice questions, then try to solve Sectional tests published here.
  • If you are reading electrical engineering seriously for first time, it is going to be a hard nut to crack.
  • But, if you have done justice to engineering, you will sail through this plan. In most of the optionals,

  • Variety of questions and patterns are very academic and static in nature.
  • With good amount of practice, you can even predict your optional paper.

  • On every weekend try to revise what have you read in last 5 days. Try to write sectional tests in exam like conditions, Detailed solutions will be provided.
  • Sources: We will try to cover various type of question patterns from many sources like CSE, ESE and GATE previous year questions and unsolved problems of various standard books, which will cover most important concepts of topics.
  • We will try to make them error free, but if you find any, do notify.
  • Plan: Whole plan is divided into 11 weeks. Plan provides 5 days for study, Revision on Saturdays, and Sectional test on Sundays. Sectional Test will consist of 20 questions of mentioned topics.

  • All Mains Marathon Optional Questions will be updated in this page.

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