Difference between Written and Unwritten constitution

Constitution is a set of fundamental laws or rules of a country or organization. It is generally of two types-written and unwritten.

  • The constitution of India is a written constitution.
  • Britain’s Constitution is an example of unwritten Constitution.

In this article, we will discuss some differences between a written and unwritten Constitution.

Written Constitution
Unwritten Constitution
A Written Constitution is one that is codified and written in a single document.An unwritten Constitution is a type of Constitution devoid of laws or provisions set in writing. It is documented despite not being incorporated in a single book.
It is a federal feature of Constitution.It is a unitary feature of the Constitution.
In this type of Constitution, Constitution is supreme.In this type of Constitution, Parliament is supreme.
It is flexible in nature.It may be rigid, flexible or both.
To ensure constitutional supremacy, the judiciary has more powers.Judiciary has limited powers.
Framed and compiled in a step by step manner.Evolves over a long period of time
Specifies the structure, organization, powers and functions of both the Centre and the states governments and prescribes the limits within which they must operate.There are no specific rules and functions for the Centre and states to operate.

We hope now you’re absolutely clear about the difference between a written and an unwritten Constitution.

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