District Wise Plan to Help Boost Manufacturing: 

District Wise Plan to Help Boost Manufacturing:


‘Make In India’ scheme would be re-evaluated.

What are the priorities?

Following are the priorities:

  • Firming up a district-wise industrial investment plan to help boost the share of manufacturing in the country’s GDP.
  • Improving India’s economic diplomacy to spur exports and investments.
  • Addressing challenges being faced by exporters owing to the Goods and Services Tax.
  • Integrating India’s exports into the global supply chain.
  • Improving logistics to reduce transaction costs of exporters.
  • Bringing out an agricultural export policy.

Reasons for change in priorities and change of plan

  • District-wise plan for boosting investments in manufacturing and other sectors.
  • Every investor makes their investments in districts, and then base their decisions on factors including the district’s human resources, natural resources and the law and order situation.

Way forward

  • There would be a re-evaluation of the ‘Make In India’ initiative to find out ways to revitalise manufacturing.
  • He also called for laying emphasis not only on the ‘Make in India’ initiative but also on ‘Design In India’ for attracting investments.
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