DNA profiles won’t be kept permanently

DNA profiles won’t be kept permanently


  1. India’s proposed DNA data bank (used during crime investigations) will not permanently store details of people.

Important facts:

  1. In criminal cases, till the case is solved the DNA profile will remain in the bank.
  2. However, DNA details will be removed after judicial orders.
  3. These things will be specified in the rules.
  4. The rule will come after Parliament approves the DNA Technology (Use and Application) Regulation Bill, 2016, last version of DNA profiling Bill, framed by the Department of Biotechnology.
  5. The Bill envisages a DNA profiling board and DNA data Bank.
  6. DNA regulation board:
  • The board will certify labs authorized to carry out DNA testing and lay down procedure and guidelines for collection, storage, sharing and deletion of DNA information.
  • The Secretary of the Department of Biotechnology has been made the ex-officio chairman of the proposed DNA Regulatory Board.
  1. DNA Data Bank:A National DNA Databank and certain regional DNA Databanks will store DNA profiles received from DNA labs in a specified format.
  2. The main purpose of the draft Bill are given below:

a)To establish an institutional mechanism to collect and deploy DNA technologies.

b)It will help in identifying persons based on samples collected from crime scenes or identify missing persons.


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