[DOWNLOAD] Economic Survey 2020-21 pdf

Economic Survey 2020-21

The government presented Economic survey 2020-21 of India in the Parliament today. The budget session starts with its presentation.

Every year, the economic survey presents the highlights of the performance of the economy and major programs of government.

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History of Economic Survey

From 1950-1951 till 1964, Economic Survey was presented along with the Union Budget. Since 1964, the government releases the survey a day before budget day. However, this year’s economic survey presented 3 days before the budget.

Like last year, Chief Economic Advisor Krishnamurthy Subramanian is the main architect behind this year’s economic survey.

COVID pandemic has deformed the economy in the year 2020. Economic survey 2020-21 may outline the path to put the economy back on track.

Importance of economic Survey for UPSC IAS Exam Preparation

The economic survey is a very important document for the preparation of the UPSC examination. Many times UPSC has asked a few questions directly from it. But it is not the sole importance of it.

The economic survey contains the analysis of the performance of various government programs in the field of Health, education, industries, and infrastructure. It also suggests policy alternatives for various issues in the economy. This analysis is useful for the written mains and interview stage of the examination. Points from it are useful for writing answers and answering some questions of the interview panel.

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