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Dear Forumites,

What you are about to read is the ninth edition (January 2021 edition) of EPIC! Magazine. This new year brings both challenges and opportunities. With the rollout of the vaccines, we can expect the resumption of regular exam cycle. At the same time, the renewed timetable by UPSC, has cut short the duration between Prelims 2021 and Mains 2021. Therefore, the challenge here is to prepare for the mains examination well in advance during the present transition period. Therefore, one must not let one’s guard down, this goes for all aspirants who have given Mains 2020 and preparing for the interviews as well as those preparing for 2021. For strengthening our defences and maximizing our opportunities, the two-part format of EPIC! i.e. the Mains Magazine and the Factly provides a segregated yet complete coverage of current affairs for civil services preparations

Aggregating the various viewpoints from our 9PM and 7PM initiatives, this edition contains an interesting analysis of the emerging world order and how India’s foreign policy has evolved to tackle the pandemic, the challenge of vaccine hesitancy, the growing criminalization of criticism etc. The Factly section contains all the relevant information/facts of current affairs required for the preliminary examination of 2021.

Our community and student engagement are the sources of inspiration in our relentless pursuit of simplifying civil services preparations. You can contribute to the topic list/provide your feedback by writing to us at

Click Here to Download – EPIC! Magazine for January 2021

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