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Dear Forumites,

We are pleased to release the July edition of EPIC! Magazine. Given the overwhelming response from aspirants, we are glad that the present format and content have been appreciated by the student fraternity. Most of you will be aware of the two-part format of EPIC! i.e. the Mains Magazine and the Factly. This format provides a segregated yet complete coverage of current affairs for civil services examination.

ForumIAS is the sole organization built on the foundations of student engagement and participation. Therefore, based on your feedback, we have included very interesting analysis like the challenges of sustainable urbanization, the idea of data protection, the contours of global value chains etc. This along with relevant case studies will add value to your mains answers.

The issue-based coverage of mains articles is often restricted by the news cycle (editorials) of print media. A comprehensive coverage requires the culmination of various viewpoints, case studies, and analysis. Therefore, there are some important issues that might have started in the last week of July but will be covered in the August edition. Some of these topics include:

  • The New Education Policy: a real reform or a paper tiger
  • Contempt of Court: a misused power
  • Does India need a Presidential system?
  • Strategic autonomy in a multipolar world order
  • WTO in the age of protectionism

and many more.

You can also contribute to the topic list/provide your feedback by commenting on the comment section below or by writing to us at We read every email, even if we cannot reply to all of them.


Wishing you Success,

ForumIAS Academy

Click Here to Download – EPIC! Magazine for July 2020

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