Download EPIC! | June 2020

Click Here to Download – EPIC! Magazine for June 2020

Dear Forumites,

Overwhelmed by the positive response to our first edition of EPIC! , we are happy to release the June edition of the Epic! Magazine – a single Magazine that provides you segregated, but comprehensive coverage of current affairs for Civil Services Prelims & Mains Examination

ForumIAS lauds over its timely student interface. We take every comment from our students seriously and curate our products to simplify their preparation. Based on your feedback, we have made the following changes in this edition:

  1. We are providing clickable links in the index. So now you can directly click on the links from the index and directly go to the article.
  2. We will be ensuring that coverage is expanded to include 7 PM Articles, keywords and cover relevant concepts/case studies like online diplomacy, Health Impact Fund etc.
  3. We have also included the Ethics section with relevant examples to add value to your mains answers.

Some of you have reached out to us asking if CSE 2020 candidates can adopt the magazine, given that legacy / old issues of the magazine do not exist. For meeting these expectations, we shall be coming up with Epic Yearly Round up before Mains 2020 to provide a consolidated magazine to cover yearlong news.

If you feel we can do something to help you prepare better, do write to us at . We read every email, even if we cannot reply to all of them.

Study Smart. Be EPIC!

Yours Sincerely,


Click Here to Download – EPIC! Magazine for June 2020

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