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Dear Forumites,

The sixth edition of EPIC! Magazine comes at a crucial time for mains preparation. As the mains exams are fast approaching, this magazine provides the perfect value addition required to get the extra marks required to improve your chances for clearing mains. EPIC! Magazine provides an issue-based analysis of mains related topics. Also, the magazine covers in-depth analysis to equip the aspirants to deal with unanticipated aspects of the exam.

Apart from this Factly will provide relevant prelims oriented facts vital for 2021 aspirants. Add new content to your knowledge-base every month so that, your knowledge becomes dynamic, relevant and reproducible for the examination.

EPIC! series of current affairs magazine provides a segregated yet complete monthly coverage of current affairs for civil services preparations. Aggregating the various viewpoints from our 9PM and 7PM initiatives, this edition contains an interesting analysis of issues like urban poverty, air pollution, institutions and their performance, deepening India-USA relations and many more.

You can contribute to the topics you would like us to cover or provide your feedback by writing to us at

Click Here to Download – EPIC! Magazine for October 2020

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