[Download PDF] Agriculture Red Book For UPSC Civil Services

Dear Friends,

We are happy and excited about releasing our ‘Agriculture Red Book’. It is a one-stop solution for the Agriculture for UPSC civil services examination. Here you will find easy-to-read and rich in content articles by ForumIAS for the UPSC Civil services examination.

It is one of our initiatives to ensure the availability of quality material for free. More Red Books will be available on the ForumIAS blog very soon. You can download the PDF of the book by clicking on the link below.

(PDF)Download Agriculture Red Book for UPSC Civil Services

About Agriculture Red Book 

Agriculture Red book for UPSC civil services examination contains all important topics like land, seeds, fertilizers, Agriculture subsidies, cropping patterns, farm mechanization, and all other important aspects of agriculture management in the country.  

The aim of this book is to provide you with a repository of content in one place to significantly ease your preparation.

Let us know if you find any deficiencies, errors, or any other things by dropping an email to ravi@forumias.com.


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