[Download pdf] Interview Transcripts Compilation | CSE 2020 | Part 1

Dear Friends,

As you all know, that Civil Service interviews for 2020 are ongoing, at present. We are posting the compilation of Interview transcripts of Civil Services Exam 2020. Click on the following link to download the compilation.

UPSC Civil Services Interview Transcript compilation, 2020 Part 1

Importance of interview transcripts?

Interview transcripts are useful for the candidates in their preparation for the Personality Test round. We have highlighted hobbies, optional, and states in the transcripts so that an aspirant can match her/his own details and predict the questions that can be asked in the interview.

We already have a specific page (given below), where you can read segregated transcripts based on various parameters. Here you can also access transcripts of previous years as well.

UPSC Civil Service Examination Interview Transcripts

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