Download PDF + Last Batch of Current Affairs for CSE 2022

Dear Friends,

ForumIAS will be commencing with the last Pre-cum-Mains Batch of Current Affairs for CSE 2022 from January 25th.

Online classes will be provided 2 days a week, geared towards coverage of Mains, till about the first week of March.

Subsequently, prelims focus classes will commence from the last week of March.

For the past five years, the highest scorers in GS in Civil Services Examination have been students of ForumIAS Current Affairs classes.

Pratham (Rank 5, 501 score in GS), Varun (Rank 7), Divya and Aditya (Rank 28 and Rank 92 with marks 455 and 442) have been consistent students of Forum Current Affairs classes.

In case you have seen the Mains 2021 paper, you can also refer to the sample handouts we are attaching for your perusal. These handouts were part of Current Affairs 2021 Classes.

Attachment 1 : Indo-Pacific-AUKUS 

Attachment 2 : New Quad 

Attachment 3: Covid & Economy 

To know more about the program, visit or write to us at

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