[Download pdf] UPSC IAS Interview Transcripts Compilation for 2021 Interviews

Dear Friends,

With the completion of the UPSC IAS 2021 Mains (Written) Examination, now the focus of preparation has been shifted to the interview stage. So, we are releasing the UPSC IAS interview transcript compilation of the year 2020.

[Download] UPSC IAS Interview Transcripts compilation for 2021 Interviews

This compilation ends the search of aspirants for quality preparation material for interviews. The PDF contains the board-wise interview transcripts.

You can download the PDF of interview compilations and search for the type of questions asked by the boards as per the optionals, hobbies, and other aspects of DAF (Detailed Application Forms). It will provide an aspirant with an idea of what aspects they should be prepared for the UPSC interviews.

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