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  1. Check the e-Admit Card carefully and bring discrepancies, if any, to the notice of the UPSC immediately.
  2. Mention your Name, Roll Number, Registration ID and Name & Year of the Examination in all the correspondence with the UPSC.
  3. Bring the e-Admit Card (print out) along with the (original) Photo Identity Card, whose number is mentioned in the e-Admit Card, in each session to secure admission to Examination Hall. E-Admit Card must be preserved till the declaration of the final results of the Civil Services Examination, 2019.
  4. You are responsible for safe custody of the e-Admit Card and in the event of any other person using this e-Admit Card, the onus lies on you to prove that you have not used the service of any impersonator.
  5. Candidates should note that any omission/ mistake/ discrepancy in encoding / filling in details in the OMR answer sheet, especially with regard to Roll Number and Test Booklet Series Code, will render the answer sheet liable for rejection.
  6. Please note that entry into the Examination Venue shall be closed 10 minutes before the schedule commencement of the Examination i.e. 09:20 AM for the Forenoon Session and 02:20 PM for the Afternoon Session. No candidate shall be allowed the entry into the Examination Venue after closure of the entry.
  7. Candidates are advised to enter the Examination Venue well in time for frisking.
  8. Candidates should note that they shall not be allowed to appear at any other Examination Venue except the Examination Venue mentioned in the e-Admit Card.
  9. Read the ‘Special Instructions for candidates admitted to the Examination’ given in the ‘Rules for the Examination’ available in Examination Notice and the ‘Poster’ containing instructions displayed outside the Examination Venue.
  10. Your candidature to the Examination is provisional.
  11. Candidate should not be in possession of or using any mobile phone (even in switched off mode), pager or any electronic equipment or programmable device or storage media like pen drive, smart watches, etc., or camera or Bluetooth devices or any other equipment or related accessories either in working or switched off mode capable of being used as a communication device during the examination. Any infringement of these instructions shall entail disciplinary action including ban from future Examinations.
  12. Use of normal or simple wrist watches by candidates is allowed inside the Examination Rooms/ Halls. However, use of watches fitted with any special accessory that might be used as communication device or smart watches is strictly prohibited and candidates are not allowed to take such watches into the Examination Rooms/ Halls.
  13. There will be penalty (Negative Marking) for wrong answers marked by a candidate in both the question papers of the Examination.
  14. Answers other than those made by Black Ball Point Pen will not be evaluated.
  15. Candidates are advised not to bring any valuables/ costly items and bags to the Examination Venue, as safe keeping of the same cannot be assured. The Commission will not be responsible for any loss in this regard.
  16. Candidates who do not have clear photographs on the e-Admit Card will have to bring a photo identify proof and two passport size photographs one for each Session for appearing in the Examination with an undertaking.
  17. Candidates, who have opted for their own scribe, may note that their own scribe will be allowed for the Examination only with a separate e-Admit Card for such scribe. The e-Admit Cards for the own scribes will be issued separately. ***



Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination, 2019 E-ADMIT Card for Scribe Important Instructions

1. The Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination, 2019 will be held in two sessions and each session will be of two hours duration.

2. The candidates of the Persons with Benchmark Disabilities (PwBD) category with 40% or more disability [in the sub-categories of (i) blindness, (ii) locomotor disability (both arms affected), (iii) cerebral palsy and (iv) he/she has submitted a certificate issued by the competent medical authority having physical limitation to write] are allowed Compensatory Time of 20 minutes per hour (total forty minutes) for each session viz. such candidates will be allowed two hours and forty minutes to answer in each session.

3. The candidates with disabilities, as explained above, who have been permitted by the Commission to bring their own scribe to write the Examination will be allowed to avail the assistance of such scribe, only if he/ she carries a valid scribe e-Admit Card duly issued by the Commission for such purpose.

4. The qualification of the Commission’s scribe as well as the candidate’s scribe shall not be more than the minimum educational qualification criteria of the Examination. However, the qualification of the scribe should always be matriculate or above.

5. The Candidates with disabilities who have been permitted by the Commission to bring their own scribes to write the examination will not be allowed to change their scribe subsequently.

6. The scribe will read out the questions to the candidate and on candidate’s instruction, mark and shade the appropriate Circles on the Objective Type OMR Answer Sheet. The candidate will clearly indicate to the scribe as to which of the four responses in his/ her estimation, is the correct response so that the scribe can mark the answer accordingly by blackening the appropriate Circle with the Black Ballpoint Pen.

7. The scribe will make no gestures, sounds or any other responds or communication designed to indicate to the candidate the correctness or otherwise of the answer being recorded by him/her. Any such attempt would entail disqualification of the candidate and stringent action against both the candidate and the scribe shall be taken.

8. The peace in the Examination Hall or of the other candidates seated in the Examination Hall should not be disturbed while the scribe reads out the questions to the candidate or when the candidate indicates the correct response to the scribe for marking in the Answer Sheet.

9. The candidate and the scribe will sign a declaration that they are aware of / have read the Commission’s instructions regarding the conduct of the candidates and their scribe and they undertake to abide these instructions.

10. No TA/ DA or any remuneration will be paid by the Commission either to the candidates or to the scribes brought by them.

11. Violation of any of the instructions shall entail cancellation of the candidature of the candidate in addition to any other appropriate action that might be taken by the Commission against the candidate/scribe. Both the candidate and the scribe shall be subject to the Rules of the Examination and action will be taken against them for violation of the same as per Rules of the Examination.

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