Drone mapping: One in six villages covered in India, shows data

What is the news?

The government has announced the SVAMITVA Scheme in 2020 to map land data, create maps and digitize land parcels across the country’s 660,000 villages. The government’s target is to complete the process by 2025. However, the progress on the scheme has been very slow.

What is the progress of the SWAMITVA Scheme?

One in six villages in the country had been mapped using drones. 

One in nine villages had a complete map prepared and was submitted to the state and only one in 25 had property cards ready.

Only a few states account for most progress under the scheme. For instance:

– Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra account for nearly 80% of the villages where drone surveys have been conducted.

– On the other hand, Telangana, West Bengal and Bihar are among the ones that are yet to start the process of drone mapping.

Source: This post is based on the article “Drone mapping: One in six villages covered in India, shows data” published in Business Standard on 18th Feb 2022

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