‘Drought, heatwaves increasing in frequency’ 

‘Drought, heatwaves increasing in frequency’ 


  • Drought and heat waves all together has been engaging several researchers in India.

Why is it in news?

  • Analysing rainfall and temperature data of 50 years, researchers have found that:
  • the frequency of heatwaves accompanied by drought has increased not only in magnitude but in area too over the past three decades
  • While heatwaves and droughts are destructive even when occurring in separate events, their concurrence is far more serious.
  • A single extreme event may not be critical, but two extremes occurring at once is much more significant in the distress it causes.

What is the reason behind the phenomena?

  • Researchers believe this could be due to the intricate relationship of land surface processes, soil moisture, evapo-transpiration and local climate.
  • A spatial analysis reveals the area affected by the twin calamities is starkly increasing.


  • With certain accuracy, these incidents can be predicted.
  • This could contribute to policy making and ensure preparedness.
  • Both phenomena have a serious bearing on water resources, affecting agriculture and human settlements.
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