Durga Puja and Economy

How important are festivals for the economy?

  • In 2020, the projected size of the Durga Puja economy could be about 2 lakh crores (13-14% of West Bengal’s GDP).
  • Puja shopping for apparel, shoes, electronic gadgets, spending over idols, pandals, and tourism, all contribute to the economy.
  • Contribution of Durga puja festival to the economy is bigger than any other festival around the world such as the Rio Carnival (Rio de Janeiro), Mardi Gras (New Orleans), Oktoberfest (Munich), Hanami (Japan).
  • Corporate funding and outdoor advertisings account for about 90% of the funding. The traditional five-day festival usually extends to 10-12 days giving additional business opportunity.

What is the impact of pandemic on Durga pooja?

  • The festival and the economy of the Puja will be reduced because of the fear of contagion. It will result in job losses and reduction in income.
  • The order of Calcutta High Court to not allow visitors within a radius of five metres for small pandals and 10 metres for big pandals, many of the big Pujas will be offered virtually.
  • It has jeopardised Puja-trips of Bengali people, reduced the expenditure on community worship there by affecting livelihood of millions who are dependent on this Puja economy.
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