What is e-Emergency X-Misc visa?

The e-Emergency X-Misc Visa is granted to foreigners who are not covered in the available categories of visas but need to visit India urgently due to a family emergency. Such a single-entry visa is issued by Indian Missions/Posts for an appropriate period of time.

Recent changes in the e-Emergency X-Misc Visa:

According to the older document, Afghans were not covered under the category and had to physically present themselves at the Embassy to get the visa.

However, given the current situation, all Afghans have been permitted to open e-visa with no religion-based priority.

How the Visa is issued to Afghans?

Applications for the ‘e-Emergency X-Misc Visa’ have to be made online (as Indian missions in Afghanistan have been shut). The applications will be processed in New Delhi.

The validity of this visa would be six months. However, India will thoroughly consider the security issue while granting such visas to Afghans.

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