Union Minister inaugurates “e-SANTA Marketplace”

What is the News?

The Union Commerce and Industry Minister virtually inaugurated e-SANTA.

About e-SANTA:
  • e-SANTA stands for Electronic Solution for Augmenting NaCSA farmer’s trade-in Aquaculture.
  • Purpose: e-SANTA is an electronic marketplace providing a platform to connect aqua farmers and buyers. Further, The platform will also act as an alternative marketing tool between farmers & buyers by eliminating middlemen.
Benefits of e-SANTA Platform:
  • Firstly, Enhances the life of Farmers: The platform will RAISE the lives & income of farmers by:
    1. Reducing Risk
    2. Awareness of Products & Markets
    3. Increase in Income
    4. Shielding Against Wrong Practice
    5. Ease of Processes.
  • Secondly, Promotes Transparency: The platform promotes transparency as the process is completely paperless and an end-to-end electronic trade between Farmers and exporters.
  • Thirdly, Greater Control: The farmers have the freedom to list their products and quote their price. While the exporters have the freedom to list their requirements and also to choose the products based on their requirements.
  • Fourthly, The platform is available in many languages which will help the local population.
About National Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture(NaCSA):
  • National Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture is an extension arm of Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA), Ministry of Commerce & Industry Govt. of India.
  • Objective: The objectives of NaCSA are to encourage and uplift the small and marginal farmers through the organization of clusters and maintaining Best Management Practices in shrimp culture.

Source: PIB


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