E Sewa Kendras – Bridging the digital divide & ensuring justice for All

Source: The post is based on the articleE Sewa Kendras – Bridging the digital divide & ensuring justice for Allpublished in PIB on 27th June 2023

What is the News?

Around 815 eSewa Kendras have been set up under 25 High Courts.

What are eSewa Kendras?

e-Sewa Kendras have been created in the High Courts and in one District Court in each State on a pilot basis.It is being expanded to cover all court complexes. 

It is being set up at the entry point of the court complexes.

It enables litigants to obtain information with respect to case status and to obtain copies of judgments and orders. These centers also extend assistance in the e-filing of cases.

These Kendras represent a significant step for the common man and his right to access to justice.

About India’s first e-Resource Center:

In 2020, India’s first e-Resource Center named “Nyay Kaushal” was inaugurated at Nagpur in Maharashtra.

The e-Resource Centre will facilitate the e-filing of cases in the Supreme Court of India, High Courts, and District Courts across the country. 

It will also assist the lawyers and litigants in accessing online e-Courts services and shall help those who cannot afford the technology.

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