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Indian Economy is a challenging part of the UPSC Prelims & Mains Syllabus, given that is not taught by default before 10th class, and after 10th class we either go for science stream or commerce stream. Commerce stream students know some basics of Indian economy, but for Science students, Indian economy for UPSC remains a big challenge.

In this Guide for Indian Economy for Civil Services, we shall explore the various beginner level topics for Indian Economy. Those of you who do not have any background of Indian Economy, can refer to this guide to get started with Indian Economy for Civil Services Prelims & Mains.

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  1. [Eco 101] Basics of India’s National Income – GDP, GNP, NNP, GVA, etc – Explained
  2. [Eco-102] Inflation – Concepts-Related Terms-Deflation-Stagflation-Trends-Inflation Targeting and more
  3. [Eco-103] Part 2/3 – Inflation – Understanding WPI/CPI/PPI and more.
  4. [Eco-104] Part 3/3 – Inflation – Tools to control Inflation – Monetary Policy/Fiscal policies/Supply Side Issues and More- Explained
  5. [Eco – 105] Taxation Structure in India – Direct Taxes/ Indirect Taxes etc – Explained
  6. [Eco – 106] Asset Reconstruction Company – Origin, working & challenges, Bad bank – Explained
  7. [Eco – 107] Monetary Policy basics – Monetary policy tools, Monetary policy committee – Explained
  8. [Eco – 108] Money and Banking – Money, Money supply, Monetary Multiplier – Explained 
  9. [Eco – 109] Financial Market – Money market, Capital market, Bond yield & more – Explained
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