Economic Survey 2022-23 PDF

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Economic Survey 2022-23 PDF has been released by the Central Government. Download the PDF by clicking on the link given below:

Economic Survey 2022-23 PDF

Chapter-Wise PDFs of Economic Survey 2022-23

State of the Economy 2022-23: Recovery Complete
• India’s Medium-term Growth Outlook: With Optimism and Hope
• Fiscal Developments: Revenue Relish
Monetary Management and Financial Intermediation: A Good Year
Prices and Inflation: Successful Tight-Rope Walking
Social Infrastructure and Employment: Big Tent
Climate Change and Environment: Preparing to Face the Future
Agriculture & Food Management: From Food Security to Nutritional Security
Industry: Steady Recovery
Services: Source of Strength
External Sector: Watchful and Hopeful
Physical and Digital Infrastructure: Lifting Potential Growth

About Economic Survey

The Indian Finance Ministry releases an annual Economic Survey. The survey summarizes the country’s economic performance in the previous year, through key macroeconomic indicators and progress. It highlights the policy initiatives of the government, summarizes the performance of major development programs, and shows the growth prospects of the economy.

Highlights of Economic Survey- 2022 – 23

  • Economic Survey projects baseline GDP growth of 6.5 percent in real terms in FY24.
  • The above growth rate will be achieved due to the strengthening of the balance sheets of the corporate and banking sectors by credit disbursal, and the capital investment cycle.
  • Worldwide agencies continue to project India as the fastest-growing major economy at 6.5-7.0 per cent in FY23, despite challenges faced by India in the previous years.
  • Economy is expected to grow at 7 percent (IN REAL TERMS) for the year ending MARCH 2023.
  • The urban unemployment rate is declining and the net registration in Employee Provident Fund is increasing.
  • Manufacturing: The manufacturing sector is growing through the expansion of public digital platforms and path-breaking measures such as PM GatiShakti, the National Logistics Policy, and the Production-Linked Incentive schemes to boost manufacturing output.
  • The Capital Expenditure (Capex) of the central government, increased by 63.4 percent in the first eight months of FY23. It was another growth driver of the Indian economy in the current year, crowding in the private Capex since the January-March quarter of 2022.
  • Housing sector: The return of migrant workers to cities to work in construction sites led to increased output in the housing sector.
  • Schemes like PM-Kisan and PM Garib Kalyan Yojana have helped in ensuring food security in the country, and their impact was also endorsed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
  • Some challenges to the economy: challenge of the depreciating rupee persists due to further increases in policy rates by the US Fed, loss of export stimulus is further possible
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