Education minister launches ‘Jaadui Pitara’ learning material for foundational years

Source: The post is based on the article “Education minister launches ‘Jaadui Pitara’ learning material for foundational years” published in Hindustan Times on 22nd February 2023

What is the News?

Union Education Minister has launched an innovative learning material for foundational years of children called “Jaadui Pitara”.

What is Jaadui Pitara?

‘Jaadui Pitara’ or ‘Magic Collection’ is a play-based learning material for children in the age group of three to eight years.

It has been designed on the motto of ”learning through play”, as envisaged in the new National Education Policy(NEP).

It is developed under the curricular goals of National Curriculum Framework for Foundational Stage (NCF-FS) as recommended by the NEP 2020.

Features: The material comprises of playbooks, toys, puzzles, posters, flashcards, storybooks, and worksheets, as well as reflecting the local culture, social context, and languages.

– The resources on ‘Jaadui Pitara’ will be digitally available on DIKSHA platform – portal and mobile app. The pitara is available in 13 Indian languages.

Significance: It is designed to bring in curiosity and accommodate the diverse needs of learners at the foundational stage.

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