Eklavya – The Integrated Pre-cum-Mains Mentorship Program by ForumIAS


  1. All details for the Eklavya Program will be available at this permanent URL : https://blog.forumias.com/eklavya You can bookmark this page for future reference
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  3. Cohort 1Admissions for Cohort 1 are Open. Onboarding Commences from 22nd December 2022 and the program commences from December 22.

Note: Cohort 1 are specifically for the aspirants preparing for Civil Services Examination (CSE) 2024.

This is the moment we had been planning for the past half a decade.

We always wanted to do this.

Integrating Prelims & Mains Preparation.

But this is easier said than done.

Let’s admit it, each of us is unique. Then why have a monolithic plan for you?

Plus integrating Prelims & Mains is not possible without a mentor customized plan for you.

Customized – depending on your preparation level and learning abilities.

Dear Friends,

We are extremely delighted to announce that we shall be commencing with Eklavya  – ForumIAS’s Integrated Prelims-cum-Mains Mentorship Program.

The Eklavya Program is for those who are looking for self-study for their Civil Services Preparation, but want to benefit from the guidance of a dedicated Mentor who will be their friend, philosopher and guide through their Civil Services Journey?

Do not know where to begin Civil Services Preparation?

Your mentor will provide you the booklist, curated study material, and a plan which you can follow. Your Mentor will provide you a 7-10 days plan, at the end of which you will be supposed to appear for Benchmark Tests, and can have group and one-on-one discussion with your Mentor.

I am a working candidate, will this program be of any use to me?

If you are a working candidate, this program will be immensely useful to you as you do not have time for daily classes, given your work schedule. With time as a scarce commodity, a mentor will make a suitable plan with realistic deadlines such that you can cover your syllabus and be exam ready with good quality notes – printed, some handwritten, but extreme well-curated and with enough test practice – MCQs and Subjective Answers that will give you the confidence necessary for clearing the exam.


What is your plan?

Let’s be realistic. A lot of people screw up this exam because they want to jump into preparation and exam writing just to get a “feel” of it. Neyawn has even written a wonderful post on “How not to exhaust your attempts and screw up preparation. And life

Our Plan is to give you a realistic timetable for completion of different subjects for both Prelims & Mains such that a sincere and determined candidate should be able to face the examination with a razor-sharp preparation and the confidence that comes with good preparation.

#Subject / PaperDuration
1Indian Polity6 weeks
2Governance1.5 weeks
3International Relations3 weeks
4Social Justice1.5 weeks
5Modern History4 weeks
6Ancient India & Medieval India2 weeks
7Art & Culture2 weeks
8World History2 weeks
9Post-Independence1 Week
10Indian Society3 Weeks
11Physical Geography6 Weeks
12Human and Economic Geography2 Weeks
13Economy5 Weeks
14Science & Technology2 Weeks
15Internal Security1.5 Weeks
16Environmental and Disaster Management3 Weeks
17Ethics Integrity and Aptitude4 Weeks
18Case Studies2 Weeks

The above time duration for the syllabus is taken as an apt time for a meticulous student to cover the syllabus who is starting from scratch. Depending on your preparation, this duration can be altered ( reduced, but not increased ) .

We believe that if you give our Mentors 50 weeks, we can reach your preparation to a level that can help secure a singe digit rank in this examination.

We should know. We have mentored Ranks 1,3,5,7,8,10,11,12,13,14 and more than 900+ students in the past half a decade, spending tens of thousands of hours taking to our students.

So for example, if you have written Prelims once, you may not need 8 weeks for Indian Polity. If you have written Mains once in 2017 and want to start again for 2023, you may be able to finish the subjects from 1-8 in about 70% of the time.

Is it for students appearing for 2024?

The program is year neutral and can be taken up by the candidates planning for 2023. The candidate can discuss with a mentor to reduce the preparation time for some subjects, where he thinks that he can complete the syllabus sooner.

The idea is that if the student is exam-ready sooner than the mentor’s maximum assigned time, the mentor will only be a facilitator in ensuring the completion of his syllabus on time.

In short, the program can be taken up by

  • Candidates who are complete freshers, but want to take up self-study
  • working candidates who need a mentor to set up a plan and follow up with them for the execution of the plan
  • People who are in an academic wilderness, because of poor planning, half-hearted preparation, and have reached a point where they cannot go backward and do not know the way ahead.

What you will get in this program?

  • A dedicated Mentor who will be available to you for setting up your tasks and plans
  • Benchmark Tests every 12-14 days with assessment and mentor feedback
  • A complete list of study resources and a precise list of basic books, handouts, and printed study material for the preparation
  • Complete access to one year of Prelims Test Series and over 500+ Questions & Answers from Mains guidance Program ( through BT Tests )
  • Candidates can subscribe to any ForumIAS Modules such as Ethics, Current Affairs and MGP at 50% concession, at a suitable time as per discussion and need with a Mentor.
  • Welcome Kit from ForumIAS with over 10 Booklets covering Prelims & Mains Syllabus within 60 days of enrollment at your correspondence address.

Course Fee

The fee for the course is Rs. 82, 600 inclusive of all taxes.

Interested in the Program?

We have closed the admissions to Cohort 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11 of Eklavya with limited students. Admissions to Cohort 1 are now open which will commence from December 22nd. Interested candidates can register for the same by paying a fully refundable fee of Rs. 1000 by visiting the link below.

There are two important steps for this registration.

Interested candidates can register for the same by paying a fully refundable fee of Rs. 1000 by visiting the link below.

There are two important steps for this registration.

Step 1: Fill up the form with your details in this link here

Step 2: Make a fully refundable payment of Rs. 1000 by clicking the link here

Any questions?

Write to us at ravi@forumias.com, and we will set you up for a webinar every Wednesday & Saturday to orient you appropriately.  🙂

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