Elite Author Program

Ever wondered that the Internet is flooded with poor quality content. Quantity has overtaken quality.

Want to change how things work? Want to create deep, engaging content, that would meet national and global standards?

We love to read from Vox, The Diplomat, NYTimes and yet we fail to realise that deep work in content creation is something that we all can do – especially if we have invested enough time in it.

We are not looking for UPSC style articles – paragraphs and points. Thats passe.

We are looking for deep work, that takes 4-6 hours or probably a day to create – after the research is done.

If you believe in this idea, write to us at carrer@flaviant.com with Subject : Elite Author Program with a sample of your work, and we can talk.

Some examples of elite and semi-elite work

Your work can be in any field of knowledge – except politics and must offer some meaningful insight. We reward original ideas, but it is acceptable, if your ideas are derived from your wide reading.


Remuneration for the elite author program is as below

Grade L4Re 2.5 / word
Grade L3Re 2/ word
Grade L2Re 1.5 / word
Grade L1Re 1 / word

Articles that do not meet the criteria as above will not be published and will not be paid for. The author can submit them on any other wesbite.

Guidelines for elite authors

  1. No Plagiarism or cut copy paste work. Google penalises the website for copied content, and so do we. We are looking for each word being a typed one. Hand typed, not copied off the Internet or a book.
  2. Write in simple English with short sentences. Break a sentence into two if you can. Example : “She went to the shop which was located in the streets of Hyderabad which has been the city of Nawabs”. We will appreciate if you write it like.” She went to the shop. It was located in the streets of Hyderabad. Hyderabad has been the city of Nawabs.
  3. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes. Use Google language tools, Grammarly and what not. No mistakes or you will lose a grade.
  4. Do not use difficult words of phrases. We are writing for people who first or second language may not be English. Instead of saying “politicians are making a beeline for voters since elections have been declared”, make it simple like “politicians have started visiting voters since elections have been declared.
  5. Use headings, subheadings and graphics, pictures of hand made notes in your article. They will be appreciated. We recommend using the H2 tag for subheadings.
  6. Feel free to break into pararaphs after every 2-3 sentences. Makes it easier on the eye.
  7. Remember, a good write up has good recall value.
  8. Do not increase the number of words for payment’s sake. Your article will be rejected. Your work should not take more words than is necessary to express an idea.


Open Topics on which we need articles

Here is a list of topics on which we are looking for write ups.




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