Climate Change Basics and Concepts

Climate is the average of the weather of a country or region. For ascertaining the Climate the usual weather of a place is averaged over some time period (usually 30 years)


  • Weather is the changes we see and feel outside from day to day. It might rain one day and be sunny the next.
  • Weather is dynamic and changes from place to place. It is a combination of wind, temperature, cloudiness, precipitation, and visibility.

Earth’s climate: Earth’s climate is what you get when you combine all the climates around the world together.

Climate change is a broader term that reflects the fact that carbon pollution does more than just warm our planet. Climate change is a long-term shift in global or regional climate patterns. Often climate change refers specifically to the rise in global temperatures from the mid 20th century to the present.

In this section we will provide you with the concepts and aspects related to Climate Change:

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