Essay Guidance Program 2022 | Starts 19th February | Enroll Now

Dear Friends,It has been observed that the range of scores allotted to aspirants in the Essay paper of UPSC has been quite high. Thus, it ends up playing a decisive role not only in determining the rank of selected candidates, but also the entry of one in the merit list.

Keeping this in mind, ForumIAS is coming out with a unique Essay Guidance Programme (EGP) for Civil Services 2022 from 19th February 2022 in Online and Offline mode.

The Essay Guidance Program at ForumIAS will ensure gradual progress in your essay writing through practicing tests.The EGP will have 8 Essay Tests with different themes which ensure:

  • Help students to understand the demand and dynamics of the essay paper and skilling the art to write objective, philosophical essays including abstract topics.
  • Help students to understand the structure and devise an effective strategy to deal with the essays.
  • Deliverables under the program: Test, Evaluation, Mentorship support, Synopsis of test topic.

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For any assistance, you can email us at

Stay ahead of the curve. Enroll now and gear up CSE 2022.

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