[UPDATED] Essay Module ( Advanced ) for Mains 2018 by ForumIAS – Starts July 3 2018

TODAY: Writing a good Essay for Mains 2018 Attend the first session ( Open to All ) on Writing a good Essay for Mains 2018 – Part of the Essay ( Advanced ) Module by ForumIAS at 5PM, Tuesday, July 3 at ForumIAS Offline Center, New Delhi.
CLICK HERE to enroll in the program – 150 seats only
NOTE : MGP 2019 Commences from July 11. In the Print Media Article it has been mentioned July 14 erroneously.
UPDATE 2 : The Schedule of the Essay Module has been revised. The Orientation Session is on July 3 at 5PM. The first Content Building Class is on July 12 and first test is on July 15th. Please check the Calendar at the bottom of this post.
UPDATE 1 : Students who have already joined MGP+ or Essay Module , can upgrade to this course by paying the difference in Fee of Rs. 4000 by using the Coupon ESSAYUPGRADE on http://academy.forumias.com  ( Coupon Option will come before payment ) or Visiting Offline Center.

Dear Friends,

We shall be commencing with the Essay Module ( Advanced ) for Mains 2018 from July 3 with an orientation session.

Important Dates :

  • Orientation Session : July 3, at 5PM
  • First Content Building Classes : July 12, at 8AM.
  • First Essay Test :  July 15, at 2PM

This Advanced Module is based on the request of a lot of candidates who are not satisfied with their current Essay preparation and would like to work harder with us on their Essay. This is especially important for candidates seeking Rank improvement, in a situation where they see ample scope for improvement in Essay Marks.

Find the Details Below

Essay Module (Advanced) by ForumIAS | Starts July 3 | Online & Offline

INTAKE CAPACITY : 150 CANDIDATES ONLY ( Online + Offline ) ( Why?)

Why Essay Preparation?

The Essay Paper is the backbone of UPSC Civil Services Mains Examination. This paper has the potential of scores going from an average of 140 to a high of 175 marks, as opposed to GS Paper 1 where the average hovers from 70-80 marks to a high of around 110 marks. Thus its effective weightage in the total score is very high.

It is also the most neglected paper, as time spent on it very less compared to the time spent on other papers. While we do not recommend that you spend as much time on Essay, as much as you do on say, GS Paper 1 ( where the average score is around 90-100  – about 66% of the average score in Essay Paper ), we do recommend that you spend time

  • Strategizing for it, even if not studying dedicatedly for it
  • Writing at least 3-4 and upto 7-8 Essays before attempting the Essay Paper in the Examination
  • Actively build your content around the themes of the Essay asked in past years. Also build content in terms of idioms, phrases, opening lines, examples and concepts on expected topics.

Program Objective: To ensure that candidates taking the course have both the necessary practice as well as the Knowledge Base for writing the Essay. The program offers the below

Program Components: The Program consists of the below components

  • 8 Content Building Classes (CBC) : to build the knowledge base of the candidates along identified and expected themes/ Topics of Essay. They will be held before every test.
  • 8 Essay Tests: Test topics / themes will be discussed in the CBC , subsequent to which candidates will be provided content building material to build their own opinion and views. The material will be merely descriptive and not prescriptive, and will help candidates build their own content and informed views on issues.
  • Evaluation and Mentorship: Candidates will be provided with evaluation and feedback, along with Mentor support – post-evaluation to guide them in the right direction.


Why Content Building Classes?

  • It is invariably seen that candidates often face an essay topic which is directly or closely replicated in the examination. And candidates make the same mistake of having poor content – in both the Mock Test and the actual UPSC Examination.
  • We feel that with increase in competition, Essay does require a dedicated preparation. We have invariably seen that our own students ( Ranks 1, 8, 10, 11, 39, etc ) made notes and worked dedicatedly on the content of the Essay and were able to secure high marks. You can read their blogs and see the efforts they put – beyond the regular reading of GS that every other candidate does.
  • CBCs aims to add to the depth and dimension on themes that are recurrent in both the Essay paper as well as the GS Papers, so that essay written by our students are superior to other candidates.
  • Taking classes before Tests ensures that candidates are receptive to ideas and build their own views and opinions on issues based on concepts, facts and figures discussed in the class. It also ensures that what is taught is being We have introduced pre-test classes based on our own experience, as well as on the basis of feedback provided by our students.


How it works?

Content Building Classes (CBC) will be held every Thursday at 8AM.  Themes and Topics will be discussed in the CBC. Post discussion, candidates will be required to prepare the topics/ themes and write the Test on the coming Sunday at 2PM or later as per convenience. We recommend that you write the Test on the designated day, even if you have other Tests ( such as MGP – GS on that day – so that you develop the habit of writing two tests in a single day – as you will be required to do in the actual examination.

Papers will be evaluated by the ForumIAS Team within 12-15 days.

Other Important Details

  • Course Duration:  8 Weeks
  • Orientation:  July 3, at 5PM
  • Study Materia: l In Print format in Offline Mode or PDF format in online mode
  • Course Fee:  Rs. 10,000 ( Inclusive of all Taxes )
  • Enrollment:  By visiting Offline Center or http://academy.forumias.com
  • NOTE : There will be intake of only 150 Students including both Online and


NOTE : There will be intake of only 150 Students including both Online and Offline Students. There is no difference between the Online and Offline Mode, and candidates who join can either write the tests and attend classes at Test Center or do the same on their student portal at http://academy.forumias.com


How does it differ from Existing Essay Module of ForumIAS?

The existing Essay Module by ForumIAS consists of 4 Sessions + 1 Sessions + 4 Essay Tests. This is by default a part of MGP+. The advanced course is for candidates who are looking for a more dedicated preparation for Essay paper, and want to write more Tests. Candidates who join the Essay (Advanced) Module will have more Content Building Sessions and More Tests at their disposal. Candidates who have already joined the existing Essay Module (henceforth called Essential ) can upgrade to the Advanced Essay module by paying just the difference of fees at the Offline Center or Online.


Event #Test / Classroom SessionRelease Date / Time
1Orientation Session on Essay – 101Tuesday | July 3 | 5PM
2Content Building Class #1Thursday | July 12  | 8AM
3Essay Test #1Sunday | July 15  | 2PM
 4Content Building Class #2July 19  | 8AM
5Essay Test #2July 22  | 2PM
6Content Building Class #3July 26  | 8AM
7Essay Test #3July 29  | 2PM
8Content Building Class #4Aug 2  | 8AM
9Essay Test #4Aug 5  | 2PM
10Content Building Class #5Aug 9  | 8AM
11Essay Test #5Aug 12  | 2PM
12Content Building Class #6Aug 23*  | 8AM
13Essay Test #6Aug 26  | 2PM
14Content Building Class #7Aug 30  | 8AM
15Essay Test #7Sept 2  | 2PM
16Content Building Class #8Sept 6  | 8AM
17Essay Test #8Sept 9  | 2PM


Contact Us :

ForumIAS Academy, 2nd Floor, #19, PUSA Road, Opposite Metro Pillar 95-96, Karol Bagh, New Delhi | Whatsapp : 9821711605 | 8800631116 | student@forumias.academy


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