EU unveiled a ‘Digital Green Certificate’

What is the news?

The European Commission has unveiled a “digital green certificate” for the European Union(EU) Citizens.

About Digital Green Certificate:
  • Firstly, Digital Green Certificate is a type of vaccine passport. It will be available to the citizens who are Covid-19 vaccinated or tested negative against Covid-19. It is also available to the persons recovered from Covid-19.
  • After the issue of the the Digital Green Certificate, they can travel freely within the European Union(EU) bloc.
  • Secondly, Features: The Digital Green certificate will be in digital or paper format with a QR code. The certificates will be provided free of charge.
  • Thirdly, Issuance of Certificate: Authorities, such as, hospitals, testing centres, and health authorities can issue the certificates.
  • Fourthly, Who can use it? All EU citizens or third-country nationals who are legally staying in the EU. These persons will get exemption from movement restrictions due to COVID-19.
About Vaccine Passports:
  • Firstly, a vaccine passport is an e-certificate that stores and records the Covid-19 test status. One can save it on a smartphone app or in other digital formats.
  • Secondly, it functions as proof that the holder has been vaccinated against Covid-19 and is safe to travel.

Source: Indian Express

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