EVs, CNG vehicles don’t need permits

EVs, CNG vehicles don’t need permits


  1. Government has exempted the vehicle running on CNG, ethanol and EVs from road permit.

Important Facts:

2. Ministry of Road Transport and Highway said Vehicle running on CNG, ethanol and EVs, will not require road permit.

3. Government plan

Provide 100 % exemption on Electric vehicles, Auto-Rickshaws, Buses, Taxis, that run on alternative fuel like Ethanol, Bio-Diesel, CNG, Methanol and Biofuel are

  • Electric Vehicles attract 12 % GST, no further subsidy will be provided
  • Hybrid or Mild Hybrid vehicles are not exempted.
  • To ensure two-wheeler taxis in non-metro cities.
  • To abolish speed governors (To check speed) on commercial vehicle to provide fast mode of transport.
  • Establish Compressed Natural Gas station in 300 Districts to encourage manufacturer.

4. To fulfill the objectives Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers’ (SIAM) ask for

  • Speedy infrastructure development and better roads
  • Long term regulatory and policy roadmap for 10 years.

5. Impact

  • Will help in controlling pollution
  • Bio-Fuel is cost-effective
  • Will promote eco-friendly vehicles through Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid &) Electric Vehicles (FAME).
  • Will generate employment

6. Initially, limited number of Electric Vehicle allowed without local testing. However after positive customer response, companies can start manufacturing.

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