Ex-Defence doctors to provide online consultation on “e-Sanjeevani OPD”

What is the News?

Ex-Defence doctors will also now provide online consultation on e-Sanjeevani OPD to the needy patients in Rajasthan. This facility will be extended to other states shortly.

E-Sanjeevani: It is a telemedicine platform of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare(MoHFW). The platform has enabled two types of telemedicine services:

  • eSanjeevani: It is a doctor to doctor telemedicine system being implemented under the Ayushman Bharat Health and Wellness Centre(AB-HWCs) programme. It seeks to connect all 1,50,000 HWCs using the hub-and-spoke model by December 2022.
  • eSanjeevaniOPD: It was launched amid the Covid-19 pandemic to enable patient-to-doctor teleconsultation.
e-ICU Platform:
  • e-ICU has been launched on the e-Sanjeevani platform. It has been developed by the Medical Branch of Integrated Defence Staff in coordination with C-DAC Mohali.
  • Purpose: The portal will help the Medical Officers to get real-time consultations from specialists doctors in managing their patients.
  • The portal is based on the Hub & Spoke model. Under this, Medical Specialists are at the Hub and the Medical Officers are at the Spokes. This will help to leverage technology for overcoming the specialist shortages as part of the Digital India mission.

Source: PIB


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