[Exam Alert] Schedule For UPSC IAS CSE 2022 Interviews/Personality Tests

Dear Friends,

The schedule for UPSC IAS CSE 2022 Interviews or Personality Tests has been released today for 1026 candidates. Interviews are starting from 30.01.2023 and will go on till 10.03.2023. You can download the schedule PDF using the link given below:

Download Schedule for UPSC IAS CSE 2022 Interviews or Personality Tests

Note: The schedule for the rest of the candidates will be released in February 2023. 

Some points to remember:

1) The e-Summon Letters of Personality Tests (Interviews) of the listed 1026 candidates will be available soon on the website of UPSC.

2) No request for a change in the date and time of the Personality Test (Interview) will be entertained.

3) No e-Summon Letter shall be issued to the candidates, not submitted DAF-II.

4) Travelling expenses for candidates appearing in the Interview will be reimbursed. But this facility is available only for Second/ Sleeper class train fare.

5) Candidate traveling by any other means (other than those given above) will be treated as per Commission’s guidelines, available on the Commission’s website i.e. https://upsc.gov.in/forms-downloads

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