Exercise Naseem-Al-Bahr

Source: The post is based on the article “Exercise Naseem-Al-Bahrpublished in PIB on 24th November.

What is the News?

The Indian Navy’s guided missile stealth frigate, INS Trikand, offshore patrol vessel, INS Sumitra, and Maritime Patrol Aircraft(MPA) Dornier participated in the 13th Edition of the Exercise ‘Naseem Al Bahr’(Sea Breeze).

What is Exercise Naseem Al Bahr?

Exercise Naseem-Al-Bahr is a bilateral naval exercise between the Indian Navy(IN) and the Royal Navy of Oman(RNO).

The exercise had three phases:

Harbour phase: It included professional interactions between IN and RNO operations teams and friendly sports fixtures between the two navies. 

Sea phase: It included tactical maritime exercises involving surface action, air defense, maritime surveillance and interdiction/VBSS.  

Debrief: It was the last phase of the exercise. This was conducted at the RNO Naval Base.

Significance: The first naval exercise between the two countries was conducted in 1993. This year marks 30 years of Indian and Omanese bilateral naval exercises.

What are the other exercises between India and Oman?

Exercise Al-Najah: It is an army exercise conducted between India and Oman.

Exercise Eastern Bridge: It is an Air Force exercise that is held between India and Oman.

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