Explained: How the Prime Minister’s security is planned

What is the News?

The Ministry of Home Affairs has sought a report after the Prime Minister was trapped on a flyover for 20 minutes by protesters in Punjab in what is being reported as a serious security lapse.

Who is responsible for the security of the Prime Minister?

The Special Protection Group(SPG) is responsible for the safety and security of the Prime Minister. 

But for visits to the states,  the SPG follows the instructions as stated in the ‘Blue Book’. The instructions in the ‘Blue Book‘ are issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs

The Blue Book mandates that three days before any visit by the prime minister, the SPG holds an Advance Security meeting with everyone involved in securing the event, including Intelligence Bureau officials in the concerned state, state police officials and the concerned district magistrate.

What is discussed at the advance security meeting?

At this meeting, everything, including the smallest of details, is discussed. The meeting discusses the PM’s travel, how he will be escorted and decisions are taken along with the inputs of the central and local intelligence.

Central intelligence agencies are responsible for providing inputs about any threat. However, it is the SPG that takes the final call on how the security is to be arranged. The SPG never allows the PM’s movement until the local police give the go-ahead. State police are also supposed to conduct anti-sabotage checks and secure the route.

However, contingency plans are also made by the agencies at all levels for any emergency situation.

Source: This post is based on the article ‘Explained: How the Prime Minister’s security is planned published in Indian Express on 6th Jan 2022.

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