Explained: In new policy, what owners can or can’t do with their vintage vehicles

Source: Indian Express

What is the News?

The Government of India has released the Draft Vintage cars Policy. The policy aims to not only regulate vintage cars and two-wheelers with strict dos and don’ts but also preserve and promote the heritage of vintage vehicles.

What are Vintage Vehicles?
  • Currently, the Central Motor Vehicle Rules(CMVR), 1989 do not define what vintage vehicles are.
  • The new policy defines vintage vehicles as any vehicle, four- or two-wheeler which is more than 50 years old from the date of first registration after the first sale, including any vehicle imported into India.
  • This will be subject to the condition that such vehicles should be maintained in their original form and should not have undergone any substantial overhaul.
How can vintage vehicles be used?
  • The policy seeks to mandate that vintage vehicles cannot be used for commercial purposes or put to regular use. This means you cannot use your vintage vehicle to, say, commute to work.
  • Other than that, the owners can use their vintage cars in any way they wish — such as an exhibition, or a ride from time to time.
Registration of Vintage Vehicles:
  • Old Vintage vehicles which already carry their registration numbers will continue to do so.
  • For new ones, like imported vintage vehicles or old Indian cars over 50 years old seeking to enter the vintage category, a new numbering system will come into effect.
  • These vehicles will carry a registration plate displaying the state code in two letters followed by VA for vintage, then a two-letter series, and finally a four-digit series between 0001 and 9999.
  • The registration certificate will be valid for 10 years and renewable thereafter.
  • Sale and purchase of vehicles registered as vintage are permissible. But the buyer and seller have to inform their respective State Transport Authorities.

Will the upcoming vehicle scrappage policy apply to these vehicles?

  • No. Vintage vehicles are protected from the scrappage policy. If a vehicle is more than 15 years old but within 50 years, the owner can continue to keep it by passing fitness tests every five years.


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